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Posted by on decembrie 07, 2006
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Remember about it? It’s the oldest multinational in the world, born in 1863 🙂 Thecrucea rosie romanian branch was created in 1874 and was oficially recognised by the International Red Cross Comitee on the 23rd of August 1876. It’s current activity is more than discrete, but they seem to have helped the victims of the 2006 floods. The TV stations choose to ignore them, prefering to show the donations of certain well-known politicians rather than the collective efforts of the red cross voluteers. They also have a collaboration with Petrom.

YOU can also help, by donating money or by volunteering. You can also spread the word or buy some of their products.
I decided to write this article because the Red Cross calendars was one of the few things offered by the professors that I acceped to spend money on in highschool. The CICR is a very well-known organisation and the Romanian Red Cross Society deserves a simmilar media coverage. Unfortunately this blog is not widely read, so if any of the popular bloggers would like to help spread the word, I would be most grateful 🙂

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