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One red paperclip

Posted by on aprilie 15, 2006
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What can you do with a paperclip? You can use it on your CV, or opening the tray of your cdrom unit. But can you buy a house with it? Of course not! Or?…..
Kyle MacDonald thinks he can! Well, he isn’t going to BUY the house, but rather excange the clip for bigger and better stuff. You can see where he is now, by looking at the „One red paperclip blog”.

Dare I say this aloud? Boot Camp is a gimmick

Posted by on aprilie 12, 2006
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Charles Hooper from has a very interesting article about the new Boot Camp from Apple. IT’s an application that allows Mac users to run Windows on their machines. Charles pretends that it’s just a commercial trick from Apple, who hopes to attract Window users to their side of the computer world.
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