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Posted by on octombrie 22, 2006
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Somebody forgot to secure the server… 😆

UPDATE: It seems he’s just on a break…. LOL

IE7 final

Posted by on octombrie 21, 2006
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A while ago I was telling you about IE7RC1. I now have the final version, and unfortunately most of the problems are still there. I still need to boot in Safe Mode to be able to install it (this seems to be a Windows problem actually) and I still can’t put the homepages as I wish – but this time, it only puts as the first entry, but leaves the others untouched.

The good news: the new tab mini-tab looks better. 😀 And I’ve managed to set the toolbar buttons in an acceptable layout. The pop-up blocker and phishing blocker are quite useful.

Overall, I can say that the differences between IE and Firefox are now a matter of layout more than anything else. But for me, Firefox is still better: at least I can put the start pages that I like. So, Tudy, what do YOU think?

I’m the boss!

Posted by on octombrie 17, 2006
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For all those who had their comments removed, remember this: ON MY WEBSITES, I’M THE BOSS AND I DECIDE WHAT STAYS AND WHAT GOES! I don’t care about freedom of speech or any of that, so don’t bother complaining.

This applies to this blog, Energreen and the guestbook. Please remember it when you decide to post.