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Posted by on martie 28, 2008
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Remember Stagii pe Bune? It appears that with some help from Monica, the message has finally reached them. You can read their comments (and my answers) on the previous post.

Today I wanted to talk about a newcomer on this market, a program called START (the website is not functional), launched by the Government. In 2008, the project will only be available to Bucharest students, unlike Stagii pe Bune, which is also available in Timisoara, Iasi and Cluj.

I asked Vlad Posea, one of the guys behind Stagii pe Bune for an opinion. He said that his team wishes the best of lucks to START, but was pessimistic about the chances of the new project. Considering the kind of brains it takes to launch a program for students without a website, I have to agree with him.

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