Run 8 km… check

Posted by on iunie 23, 2009
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Compurats Logo by Nicubunu & Strainu

Compurats Logo by Nicubunu & Strainu

I did it 😀 Last weekend I finished the team contest at the Tuşnad Half Marathon. CompuRats (that is, Cati, Claudia and me) finished the race in 2:33:05. That’s not great, but at least we were not the last team and we did not cheat like some other teams 😛

To get across the finish line is a great feeling, but what really made all the effort worth it were the encouragements and the amazed looks of the people in cars. 🙂 I especially liked one guy who got ot of the back of a car and shouted as hard as he could: „Come on, you’re first!!!” No idea if he was mocking me or not, but I loved it. 😀

If I’ll still be able to run, the next challenge will be the Sfântu Gheorghe Half Marathon.

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