One day trip: Mogoşoaia and Târgovişte

Posted by on iulie 30, 2007
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The road

Mogoşoaia is just a few kilometers away from Bucharest on the DN1B. Until you exit from Bucharest the road is not so good, but then everything is perfect. The shortest way from Mogoşoaia to Târgovişte is by returning a few hundred meters, then taking the DJ100A to the DN7, then DN71 to the destination. The trip should take about 1h-1h15.


We ate at a small restaurant in downtown Târgovişte, called Pizza C&C. The food wasn’t fabulous, but the place was clean and the service was more than OK. Unfortunately I have no pictures with the food.


The main (and only) tourist attraction in Mogoşoaia is the Brâncoveanu Palace. When we went there, the first floor was hosting the museum itself, while the ground floor and the underground had some modern art exhibitions. The most interesting exhibit was a note left by one of the visitors: „If you kid ever wants to go to an art school, beat the s**t out of him”. This says it all on the quality of the art.

The first floor was quite interesting, with lots of paintings, prints, clothes and carpets from the last 4 centuries. However, like in all museums from Romania, there were very few informations on what you were seeing so history lessons from school came in handy.

The garden is amazing and very well maintained. It’s worth making the trip for itself.

Palatul MogosoaiaDSC01888

In Târgovişte, we only had time to visit the court and Chindia Tower. Unfortunately you have to pay for the pictures here, another bad habit of Romanian museums. The ruins of the palace are not very interesting if you’re not an historian, but the view from the top of the tower is quite impressive.

If you have the time, it would be a pity to miss the Dealu Monastery, just 5 km north of the city.

Cetatea domneascaCetatea domneascaTurnul Chindiei



You can choose to visit Ploieşti instead of Târgovişte (continue from Mogoşoaia on DN1B). If you’re fast enough, you can see both cities in one day, but I wouldn’t recommend it.



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