I’ve been on TV…

Posted by on octombrie 31, 2007
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…and it took me 6 weeks to find out 🙂

AutoforumTV is a show that lives off the „poor” guys that write on the forums dedicated to different cars. They show you some footage with the car, then read some posts they selected from the forums. In the show aired on PrimaTV on the 15th of September, they had a material on the Peugeot 107. At 4:38 they read one of my posts from about a year ago. I wonder if I should be happy or sue them for copyright infringement. 🙂

2 Comments to I’ve been on TV…

  • You can’t sue them, the material that you wrote on the forum belongs to the administrator now, you don’t have the copyrights anymore. It’s written in the „Rules” section of the forum 🙂
    So just be happy 🙂

  • Well, for once it doesn’t explicitly say that, and then, I recall a simmilar problem on the Softpedia forum. I should check to see how it turned out.

    I don’t really want to sue them, but still, to make a show using other people’s opinions is not only lame, but it also shows a lack of imagination…how hard can it be to state your own opinions about the car?

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