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În mod excepţional, există şi o variantă în română, sub formă de comentariu aici.

I downloaded the latest release candidate… Unfortunately, I could install it ONLY in Safe Mode. And as usual, Microsoft Support was lacking (only available by phone and only in the USA…). Fortunately, Google is always around 😀
First impression:interesting design.
Second impression: I wand the menu meniu (done), and I want it ON TOP of the addressbar (I know, I’m old-fashioned :) ).
Third and last impression: I’m annoyed by the „Open new tab” mini-tab (although it’s pretty useful), I’m annoyed by the menus-displaying toolbar buttons (they take up too much space – they should dissapear instead of being grayed), I’m….too demanding? :P.
Conclusion: I’ll stick to Firefox…

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  • […] A while ago I was telling you about IE7RC1. I now have the final version, and unfortunately most of the problems are still there. I still need to boot in Safe Mode to be able to install it (this seems to be a Windows problem actually) and I still can’t put the homepages as I wish – but this time, it only puts as the first entry, but leaves the others untouched. […]

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