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Posted by on octombrie 21, 2006
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A while ago I was telling you about IE7RC1. I now have the final version, and unfortunately most of the problems are still there. I still need to boot in Safe Mode to be able to install it (this seems to be a Windows problem actually) and I still can’t put the homepages as I wish – but this time, it only puts as the first entry, but leaves the others untouched.

The good news: the new tab mini-tab looks better. 😀 And I’ve managed to set the toolbar buttons in an acceptable layout. The pop-up blocker and phishing blocker are quite useful.

Overall, I can say that the differences between IE and Firefox are now a matter of layout more than anything else. But for me, Firefox is still better: at least I can put the start pages that I like. So, Tudy, what do YOU think?

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  • Even though several web standards issues have been fixed (box model, png transparency, etc), IE7 still fails the Acid2 Test and apparently several other „trials”. Even with the phishing filter and the ClearType rendering, IE7 still fails in comparison to Firefox as far as the plugins/addons go. I hope we’ll see more IE7 addons in the near future, though. 🙂

    PS: I have (and use) both Firefox 2 and IE7 on my computers – there are some areas where IE7 is actually required (windows update, sharepoint sites, etc).

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