Google show..or was it a presentation?

Posted by on octombrie 31, 2007
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If you’d rather read this in Romanian, we have some positive and negative feedback for you 🙂

On Monday , our faculty had some guests… some of our former colleagues that now work at Google came to tell us how cool it is to work at Google no, actually, they came to talk about the Google FileSystem and about the employment opportunities they had. The presentation was interesting enough, even if someone said it was the same as last year. 🙂 A bad mark for the ppt itself, the links were outdated. There was also a short presentation about the system engineers that make work 24/7.

Just before I left, some guys from my year started talking about their experience as google interns, and while I don’t agree with add’s opinion that they were „typical nerds”, I have to say they looked lame in their red shirts and Noogler hats.

About working at Google… well, nothing new compared with what you already knew from a Google(!) search: you get 20% of the working time for your own projects, you work with some of the smartest people in the world in some great cities, but… to get there, you have to pass through several phone interviews + at least one on-site interview, and you have to know your algorithms. You don’t want to exaggerate your skills; as one of the guys there put it: „If you say you’re an expert on Python, you might get interviewed by the creator of Python” 😀

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