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Posted by on august 29, 2006
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It seems Google is on a „launching spree” again. In the last two weeks thare have been at least 4 launches that interest me directly.

1. Google Analytics got public

Yupeeeee!!! If it’s impressive enough, I might just give up

EDIT: Andressa might be right: for the average blogger, with no technical knoledge, this might be a bit too complicated. 🙁

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve just removed the wait to receive a Google Analytics account. Now anyone with a website can instantly create one for free by simply by visiting or by clicking on the „Analytics” tab within AdWords. After you create an account, we suggest reading the Installation Guide to get it set up quickly and correctly.

When we founded Urchin we actually had an ad-based business model where we were able to give the product away for free. It didn’t last and we eventually went with a paid model. But when our company was acquired in April 2005 we worked with Google to determine a way to give it away for free again, this time with no ads. By doing this, we’re able to give all websites – large and small – the tools you need to better serve your customers, make more money, and improve the web experience for everyone.

Regardless of how you use Google Analytics, what’s important to me is that you’re using it at all. In other words, the more you take action based on web analytics data, the better the Internet becomes. That’s the underlying philosophy our team shares.

2. Google Desktop 4 now available in Romanian

Maybe this time I’ll keep it more than a couple of days…

Starting today, Google Desktop 4 is coming out of beta in 26 languages (including Romanian!); a Japanese version is now available in beta too. It’s easier than ever to search and personalize your computer no matter what language you speak. In version 4, we’ve aimed to improve Desktop’s performance and have added a few features you’ve asked for:

  • Easier to add international gadgets – Use the new Add/Remove gadgets interface to easily find gadgets in other languages; choose the language you want in the top right corner
  • Configurable Taskbar „gadgets” button – Just click the arrow to the right of the Google Desktop „gadgets” button, and hover over „Taskbar Button” to change the display – with text, or without, or remove it altogether
  • Change the Sidebar font size – Cick the „Options” button located at the top of the Sidebar, and hover over „Font Size” to change the setting

3. Google Webmaster Central

We always aim to offer our users relevant and helpful results, and webmasters provide the great content that we point to. Unfortunately – though we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many of you in a variety of forums, around the blogosphere, and at many conferences across the world – we simply haven’t been able to interact with every one of you. So we’re excited to announce our new Google Webmaster Central, which enables us to have productive conversations with many more of you, all the time.

Recently, we’ve added:

Furthermore, Google Sitemaps has been renamed Google webmaster tools. It’s more than a new coat of paint; we’ve added and improved lots of geeky goodies to help give you more info and control.

4. Google Apps for Your Domain

The main idea: if you’re a company, you might be interesting in offering your customers rebranded versions of Gmail, Google Talk, Calendar or Page Creator. It’s not really for me, but it sounds interesting anyway

Google Apps for Your Domain lets you offer our communication and collaboration tools to your entire organization — customizable with your branding, color scheme and content through the administrative control panel, and with no hardware or software to install or maintain.

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