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Posted by on noiembrie 07, 2007
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That’s the name of one of the courses taught in the fifth year at the my faculty (InterfeÅ£e Evoluate is the Romanian name). If the name doesn’t tell you much, don’t be alarmed. It’s about XML, HTML, CSS and other web technologies. While I haven’t chosen this course, I have to say I find it’s project to be pretty interesting: the students have to create a website and a blog and promote it. They receive points for their trafic.ro ranking and their PR (well, actually that’s dumb, because the last update was just before the start of most websites and the next one will probably be after the exam 🙂 ).

Anyway, let me show you some of the most interesting things I found while looking at their websites (all links are in Romanian, sorry for my foreign readers:():

  • the ZEIT team has some quizzes about XML and CSS; pretty simple, but interesting nevertheless.
  • this anonymous team (greetings Radu 😉 ) has apparently the best site and blog promotion. No wonder, link exchange is still a good way to promote yourself. Keep up the good job guys, and try to write more on your blog.
  • other teams have tried to get their own domain, from the free .tk to the more expensive .com, .net and .com again. 🙂

That’s it for now, when I’ll find more interesting content from my colleagues, I’ll post it.

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