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Posted by on martie 07, 2008
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The grading system is one of the main problems of Romanian universities. The rounding system is pretty clear: from 0,5 points you get the mark above, below 0,5p you get the lower mark. Unfortunately, students would do pretty much anything to push that limit as low as possible. There are two very different pressure points: the top mark (10/10) and the lowest passage mark (5/10).

During my years at UPB I’ve seen students fight, beg and even cry in order to get a higher mark. I consider that kind of stuff simply disgusting. What’s worse, this kind of behavior is accepted and sometimes even encouraged by the teachers.

So what can be done?

  • the first step should be eliminating the minimum number of points for partial tests and keep only the 5/10 limit for the final mark. This will make students calmer and more confident when they enter the final exam, which in turn can lead to better overall results;
  • DON’T push the limit lower – it should be 5m not 4.5 and certainly NOT LOWER.
  • the final mark could be expressed out of 100 points instead of 10 points. This would eliminate the need for rounding and will allow for a better classification of students – one with 84 points won’t feel the need to ask for a 9 just to show that he’s better than a student with 75 points.

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