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Posted by on aprilie 03, 2010
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I don’t usually do book reviews on this blog, but The Prestige by Christopher Priest made quite an impression on me, so I decided to write about it. I received the book 6 months ago, as a gift, but I just got around to reading it.

The book is about the hate and interactions about to rival magician’s families. Even if the magicians lived at the end of the 19th century, the mysterious hatred between them propagates over the last century, until their grand-grandchildren decided to go to the bottom of the issue and end this once and for all.

The cool part about the book is that the first 300 pages are all about the setting the stage. The reader is presented with the journals of the 2 men and one can’t help notice the many small inconsistencies in those journals. One can say that nothing important is happening in this part, but nevertheless, it’s not boring at all. Then, like in a real magic number, in the last quarter of the book, everything accelerates and the story becomes a real thriller. Friends become enemies, the power balance continuously shifts and on virtually every page something unexpected  happens. The end of the story is one of the spookiest and coolest I’ve ever seen. You should really try this book if you’re into fantasy/SF or thrillers.

For my Romanian readers: Cartea a apărut la Editura Nemira sub numele Magicienii. Din păcate, traducerea are multe probleme, evidente chiar pentru cineva fără cunoștințe aprofundate de limba engleză. Cu toate acestea, romanul a rămas o lectură fascinantă, care m-a ținut cu sufletul la gură în ultimele nopți.

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