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Posted by on decembrie 09, 2007
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About a week after Google, some folks from Cisco came to tell us about the jobs thez offered to graduates. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to tell you about it until now.

It was quite different from Google. They talked to us about their technology a little, then they went directly to the subject: they wanted us for their „extraordinary” Amsterdam school. 😀 They only have a selling department in Romania, so they needed us to become experts in selling Cisco crap stuff. To get there, you have to be one of the 3 people (out of 500 applicants) selected for a year’s training in Amsterdam.

To good news was that you get to pass all their certificates (including the very rare CCIE) for free in this period. The bad news was that you had to work almost non-stop. 🙂 One of the guys there became amusing when he tried to tell us that you have to work from 9am to 6pm and then to work again at home, but you’ll still find it extraordinary. I personally don’t think you have much time to think after work, most probably you’ll just crash in the bed until the next morning.

Anyway, if it sounds appealing to you, try uploading your CV here.

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  • Bine ca am citit asta, ca ma batea gandul. Mi se pare interesant trainingul ala dar nu merita sa te munceasca atat. Better do it on my own.

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