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Posted by on aprilie 06, 2009
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The "Add security" Window

Fig. 1: The Add Security window in GNUCash

GNUCash has a very good automatic price retreival utility, based on the Perl Finance::Quote library. Unfortunately, the sites it is using to get the data from don’t have any quotes from the Romanian markets.

Therefore, I decided to write my own modules, and I started with the Bucharest Stock Exchange, since their data was reliable and available in a accessible format.

Here is how you can add this package to your own system:

  1. Install Perl. If you’re using Linux, you probably already have it. Write perl -v to find out the version you have. If you’re using Windows, ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl should do the trick.
  2. Install Finance::Quote. GNUCash offers an automated program to do that.
    1. Make sure GNUCash is not running.
    2. In Linux, open a root shell and write update-finance-quote. In Windows, go to the start menu and you will find a shortcut to a BAT file called „Install Online Price Retreival”.
  3. For now, the script is not yet included in Finance::Quote and must be installed separately.
    1. Download the provided archive and extract it along with the rest of the Perl scripts for Finance::Quote (you will see the download path during the installation). Make sure the Finance folder overwrites the current folder.
    2. In the Finance folder you will find 2 files named and You can apply the patch by using the command patch On Windows, just open the file in Notepad, search for a line that begins with @modules = and add BSERO to the list of modules.
  4. Start GNUCash and go the the Tools->Security Editor menu. You will see a window similar to the one on the left side of Fig. 1.
  5. Click on the Add button. A new window, just like the one on the right side of Fig. 1 will appear. Let’s say that you want to get the stock price for Banca Românâ pentru Dezvoltare (symbol: BRD). You add the following information in that window:
    1. Full Name: Banca Română pentru Dezvoltare
    2. Symbol: BRD (this is very important, as this is the search criteria)
    3. Type: BSE (or BVB, or whatever you want)
    4. Check the Get Online Quotes checkbox. Three new options will be activated.
    5. Automatic price retreival

      Fig.2: Automatic price retreival

      Choose Type of quote source: Unknown

    6. From the drop-down choose bsero.
    7. Click OK twice and you’re ready to test it.
  6. Go to the Tools->Price Editor menu. You will see the dialog in Fig. 2. Click the Get Quotes button and you should see a new price appearing. You can notice the source is „Finance::Quote” and the price is the correct one for that date. If you wish, you can check it on the BSE website.

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