A decent response from RDS

Posted by on ianuarie 23, 2009
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Following all the bad news I’ve heard about RDS in the last years (the quiet doubling of tariffs, the lost invoices, the crappyservice, etc.) I was very annoyed when I found out I had to pay some money for their phone service. The sum was very small, but as I didn’t remember to have used that phone, I was worried that they maight try to overcharge me.

I called their customer service line and demanded to get a detailed invoice within the months with problems. The person at the other end of the line was very kind and professional. She told me that I could get that data by email, took my data and opened a support ticket for me, than gave me the number. She also told me she could not give me an ETA for the response, but it usually goes pretty quick. In fact, in a couple of hours I had received a response and the situation was cleared.

This might seem as normal to foreigners, but for RDS client, such a happy ending is rather rare.

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