How big is the Romanian Wikipedia?

Posted by Strainu on January 08, 2008
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The Romanian Wikipedia now has about 100.000 articles. In September 2007 (the last time the statistics were generated) it had about 16 million words in 88000 articles. That means, if you make some suppositions that you can find here (in Romanian), that it would take 11 written volumes in a library. It may not seem much, as Britannica takes 32 volumes, but it’s still not bad considering we’re about 60-100 people compared with the several thousands of the English version.

Also, you should not compare the number of volumes in the Romanian version with the ones in other languages, as I used a different method. If I had used the same (flawed, in my opinion) method as the others, the result would have been about 50% greater – 16 volumes.

Wikipedia romana pe raft

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