Posted by Strainu on November 16, 2007
My Projects, Python is a small Python script that integrates in the pywikipedia framework. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the main tool used by robots on Wikipedia. I wrote the script a good while ago, when I needed to quickly rename several hundred pages on the Romanian Wikipedia. The script was designed to make the same modification on all the titles from a series of pages. You can remove parts of the title or add a new text at the beginning and/or and of the title.

In the mean time the guys at pywikipedia wrote, a somewhat similar script. Nevertheless, in September I decided to propose my script for inclusion in pywikipedia. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it, however it was included in the project’s encyclopedia, at I’d love to hear your opinion about the script. Please leave any comments you might have below.

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