Blogs roundup

Posted by Strainu on December 07, 2006
Gadgets, Geeks, School

Well, since Andressa seems to have a good time in Poland and she doesn’t bother with the blog any more, we all have to find alternate sources of fun 🙂 Here are my nominations:

  • Entering the IT industry from Tudor Damian – some common sense pieces of advice for the future IT professionals
  • Bash tricks: comparing floating point numbers by Petre – an somewhat old post about BASH. Interesting because that’s one of the problems in my homework for the Operating Systems course 🙂
  • Yahoo! fights messenger spam by evolve – fact or just messenger trouble? We’ll see…
  • Metro etiquette by Just me – an excellent idea! There is a good reason for the yellow footsteps on the Bucharest metro’s escalators. Ever wondered what’s that reason?
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