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Romanian Postal Codes in OpenStreetMap

Posted by Strainu on October 11, 2010
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After a short discussion on the Romanian OSM mailing list, I decided to write a small Python script to import the postal code data from SIRUTA into OSM, cited as demanded by law 542/2008, art. 32. As cities have multiple postal codes, I had to settle for importing data for villages, hamlets and towns. Still, over 12.000 new entries were added to OpenStreetMap. I will surely be an important resource for people wanting to use coordinates – postal codes association freely.

For people wanting to peek at the code, you can find it here. It uses the OsmApi library and a stripped version of the dbf fron INSSE (converted to CSV), containing the following fields: siruta_code, village_name, postcode, postocde_source.

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