The point of no return in Bucharest transportation

Posted by Strainu on December 02, 2007

It’s not really my thing to write about social problems. But what’s happening in Bucharest from the fall is quickly turning into a disaster. Everybody knew that traffic would turn back to being an inferno and the short relief that summer had brought would not last. But nobody expected the metro to get as crowded as it is.

And it’s not just me, everybody is noticing that even on low times, the trains are full. Some say it’s because of the new trains, other say it’s because of the problems Metrorex had with Alstom, the company which repairs the trains. I haven’t noticed any significant slowdown in the traffic, but obviously the current time between 2 trains (8-12 minutes during non-peak periods) needs to be reduced.

To prove I’m not writing just to pass time, here are two pictures taken by a friend today at Piata Unirii. She said she felt trapped and who can blame her… In the second picture, you can see a passageway that used to be completely empty.
Piata Unirii
Piata Unirii

The City hall and the Ministry of Transportation have to realize that urgent investments are needed in the metro systemso it can cope with all the people that use it every day in the hope they will escape the craziness from the streets above.

UPDATE: Monday morning rush hour at the metro.

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