Romanian Restaurants Reviews

Posted by Strainu on June 24, 2007
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It’s a big name for a small mashup (in romanian) from some of the guys out there doing restaurants reviews. It’s made using Pipes, the not so new anymore webapp from Yahoo! The data gathering is quite strange and difficult, as most of the websites used don’t have RSS feeds by category.

So what will you find ar The latest articles about restaurants from Romania written by Metropotam, Ziarul Financiar, PAPABUN, Jurnalul de bucătărie and You can read them online or get the list as RSS or JSON. If you have any other websites you would like to see here, you can always contact me.

UPDATE1: New source:

UPDATE2: If you don’t want your site to appear here, just drop me a line. Do keep in mind that i’m not copying full articles and I do send the visitors to your sites to read the reviews.

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